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We have raised fainting goats since 2000.

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Princess Snowball


Located in the beautiful rolling hills

of East Texas. Located near the Louisiana border.

We are 40 miles from Shreveport Louisiana.

I have several colors,

polled and blue eyes.

Medium, small, and mini size.


Roper,,,my helper






Fainting Goats are also known by other names, such as nervous, stiff legged, wooden legged, etc.

Their origin is thought to be the early 1880's when a farm worker in Marshall County Tennessee had 3 does and a buck that fainted. He sold his goats in Tennessee to a Dr. H.H. Mayberry who fortunately bred them and tried to research them, but could find no evidence of such a breed.  He was convinced that they are a breed because of their unique traits are hereditary.

Myotonia is the condition which causes these goats to appear to faint.  When they become excited or startled they will stiffen and possibly fall over, appearing to faint.  They remain stiff for about 10-15 seconds.  The are fully aware of their surroundings and are in no pain.  These are very friendly goats and make great pets. 

Fainting goats have a muscle condition which is called myotonia congetia. This is a condition which occurs in many species, including humans.  The myotonia condition is strictly muscular, and does not involve the nerves nor the brain.

The original fainting goats were white and black heads, necks and shoulders.  Today they are seen in black & white, brown & white, grey & white, red & white, solid black, solid white, solid grey, solid red, tri color, chocolate brown, tan & white. Some also have blue eyes.

Distinguishing characteristics are pop eyes, long & wide muzzle, long ears that stand out to the side, not erect. Fainting goats can be horned or polled (naturally hornless) or disbudded. Hair coats can be long or short. Temperament is very laid back & gentle.

Gestation period is around 145 days and they are easy kidders.  Fainting Goats are easy to train, require minimum facilities, and are unique enough to be conversation pieces.  The are profitable to raise, fit on small farms and make you happy to be around them.  They are a joy to sit and watch. I love to just sit outside and watch all their antics.

The Fainting goats can be registered with the AFGO & MGR

My goats are all registered with AFGO & MGR .



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